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2023 Campaign for TRANQUILITY

The Need: A 42' Catalina

SBCVT needs a larger vessel! Due to the smaller size of our previous vessels, cancer patients nominated by SBCVT have been limited to five guests on their sail, leading some people to decline their sail.


No other nonprofit provides respite for both cancer patients and their caregivers at the same time: outside, powered by wind and water. We want to be able to accommodate larger groups and families, but to do so, we need a larger vessel. The 42’ Catalina is the perfect sailboat for our needs. It can accommodate eight passengers and not only will provide more capacity for our guests and allow for the mobility challenges that many of our nominees’ face, but also provide more opportunities to engage community members as volunteer crew.

The Need For a New Vessel is Rooted in Three Areas:

Providing Time All Together


Up until now, using private vessels to carry out our respite mission sails has not provided us

with sufficient capacity for nominees to include everyone they want to on their sail. The 42’

Catalina will change that.


Encouraging Community Involvement


The expanded capacity of the 42’ Catalina will allow people from all over Vermont to volunteer

as crew members on the sails.


Organizational Sustainability & Growth


Without the opportunity to increase our impact, expand the number of people that we serve, and

grow our programs, the long-term strength and permanence of the organization is limited.

Connecting Vermont One Sail at a Time

Our new 42’ Catalina will provide:

  1. More capacity with a wide beam of 13’ 10”

  2. A larger cockpit, with a large helm

  3. Two additional stern seats on the aft pulpit for guests and crew

  4. A larger vessel with additional crewing opportunities for volunteers to serve those in our community with cancer.

  5. Greater visibility for the organization that will attract more nominees and volunteers.

Every Contribution to the Campaign is a Significant One

The impact of your gift in this campaign will be meaningful, significant, and truly appreciated, and will enable us to:


  1. Increase our guest capacity

  2. Provide powerful escapes from cancer and give the gift of time together

  3. Grow our programs and volunteer opportunities

  4. Share our love of Lake Champlain and our commitment to giving back

  5. Expand our outreach and number of respite cancer mission sails


As we join together from the Northeast Kingdom to the New Hampshire and Massachusetts borders, we will ensure that this vessel provides lasting memories for those challenged by cancer and all those who love them. 

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