A background image of a gorgeous sunset on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.

Photo Gallery

A man kneeling on the bow of the sailboat during a sail.
A photo of the Sail Beyond Cancer flag flapping in the wind during a sail.
A photo of a beautiful sunset with an orange sky as the sun sets behind the mountains surrounding La
A passenger sitting on the bow of the sailboat gazing into the horizon.
A crew member aboard the sailboat adjusting the sail.
A captain steering the boat during a sail.
A passenger with a big smile on her face as she adjusts her face mask briefly for the photo.
A passenger looking out into the ocean with her face mask on during a sail.
A captain and passenger posing for a picture on the bow of the sailboat.
A passenger reclined on the deck of the sailboat while pointing to something in the horizon.
A photo of the sailboat in a calm harbor with passengers aboard, from the vantage point of the water
Passengers and crew members posing for a picture on the dock after an evening sail.
A captain gazing into the horizon while leading a sail.