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Sail Beyond Cancer wants to keep you

and all those who we serve - safe.

We will be posting updates on recreational boating regulations that affect both of our Chapters: Sail Beyond Cancer VT and Sail Beyond Cancer North Shore.  Please feel free to contact us should you find information that we have not yet seen.


Thank you again and we look forward to serving YOU!




Suzanne Snyder Johnson

Executive Director

Sail Beyond Cancer

Burlington VT Links

Greetings Boaters,


With the Governor updating restrictions regarding marinas today, we are taking a close look at how this affects us and will update you early next week on our next steps. We know he has permitted Marinas to technically open May 22nd, but we need to better understand the capacity restrictions and if the restriction of working closer than 6’ is lifted for these operations. As we have outlined previously, our main docking systems cannot be put into place until we see relief of the 6’ distancing restriction, restricting our ability to open. We have inquired about these topics with State representatives and will report back to you all of our findings, and how this impacts when we can open our marinas. We will also be meeting with our Facility Maintenance team on Monday to develop a strategy of work if we see the 6’ restriction lifted.


Since today is traditionally opening day for our Marinas, I want to remind everyone that you will not be charged for when we are not open. For those that paid in full, we will refund you the pro-rated amount once your dock or mooring becomes available and we know the amount. For those that have not paid in full, we will adjust the remaining amount due to reflect the lesser pro-rated amount. There are no late fees and we will work with you if you have a remaining balance and need to take some time to pay, we understand.


Thank you of your patience in this unprecedented time. If you are not sure that you can participate in the boating season because of the Coronavirus, please contact me directly. Along with Governor Scott's newest executive order, the links listed below are some good resources for updates and help for navigating these difficult times.


Safe safe!

Brendan Kaplan

Marina Manager & Deputy Harbormaster 

(802) 316-1009

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