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Shining the Light!

Welcome ‘onboard’ to our 2nd Sail Beyond Cancer BLOG POST!

The title of our BLOG “The Companion Way” is designed to share with you the value of being “together”. Our desire is to shine-the-light on some very wonderful people and non-profits in our community who are providing amazing services to our community to those who are being challenged by cancer. We want YOU to know about them!

Each week, I will write and introduce you to the power of ‘giving back’ by sharing the work of

organizations and individuals as they directly serve the very same vulnerable population that

we do here at Sail Beyond Cancer.

Our ‘companion’ high-light this week is Mahana Magic Foundation and their Executive Director Monica Marshall.

Mahana Magic Executive Director, Monica Marshall

Cancer is challenging for EVERYONE - especially children.

Mahana Magic’s mission is supporting kids who have a parent or caregiver with cancer. Mahana Magic gives back to children what a parent’s cancer takes away.”

Mahana Magic Foundation was founded 11 years ago by Greg Couture who at the time was

battling cancer. He had two girls then 8 and 11 years and he realized very quickly that he had support while undergoing treatment but that his children did not the emotional support that they needed to cope with their father’s cancer.

What types of ‘support’ does Mahana Magic Foundation provide to children who has a parent with cancer you may ask?

There three areas of funding:

1. The Scholarship Fund

 Established to provide High School Seniors funds to lessen the financial impact

that the cost of college has on a family who is being faced with cancer. They

award up to $1,000 per Senior. These funds are to honor the students who are

to graduate in spite of these challenges at home.

2. The Camp Fund

 Provides financial support up to $500 per child for summer camps and after

school programs, but this year this fund is not seeking as much support due to

COVID-19 and all of the camp closures.

3. Urgent Child Needs Fund

 Recognizing the need to help children especially during this time of need with

COVID-19, Mahana Magic Foundation has created an urgent child needs fund

that provides funds for everyday needs of children who has a parent with cancer.

Every day needs include: school supplies, computers, food, clothing,

childcare, internet access and anything that will support children during

this stressful time. Maximum funds per child given is $300.00.

We HONOR Mahana Magic Foundation and we shine the light on who they are, and

how the power of one individual Greg Couture - saw a need in our community that

was not being met and created this beautiful Foundation.

COLLABORATING with other NON-PROFITS in our community -

Working together to better our community is essential and I encourage more of our non-

profits to collaborate and help serve our community TOGETHER!

Over the past 5 years, the non-profit that I founded and ran as Executive Director (Healing

Winds VT) collaborated and supported Mahana Magic Foundation. We brought many groups of these wonderful children out sailing on Lake Champlain for 3 hours at a time. . These sails provided lots of laughter and squeals, as well as providing a break from the stresses of cancer that these children and their parents were living with every day.

Thank you Mahana Magic Foundation for supporting these children.

Please visit their website:

For further information contact their Executive Director, Monica Marshall at:

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