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Get Involved

There are a number of ways to get involved with our mission, including nominating a loved one for a sail, volunteering your time, and donating to help bring a reprieve to cancer patients and their loved ones!


Give the gift of time ‘away’ from cancer by nominating someone that you know who is being challenged by cancer!


To nominate someone, the process is a simple and starts with filling out our nomination form by clicking the button below.

Who is eligible?

Anyone of any age, who is living with any type of cancer is eligible for a free 3-hour sailing excursion with five additional friends or caregivers. Each sailing excursion is run by volunteer Captains and Crew and is designed to honor that nominee (cancer patient) on their own private sail.

Who can nominate someone for a sail?

Anyone can nominate a friend or loved one for a sail, or even nominate themselves! Once a nomination is received, we will be contacting the nominee to coordinate the best day and time for their sailing excursion.

Refer a Friend


We Welcome All Types of Volunteers!


The dedication of our volunteers is an integral part of Sail Beyond Cancer’s success. 


Our volunteers come from all walks of life, with many varying talents, and we all share the same mission – making a difference in the lives of those being challenged by cancer – one sail at a time! Volunteers help with all aspects of running their Sail Beyond Cancer Chapter and it is not a requirement to be a sailor or even on the water!

We encourage you to sign up and get involved - you will be glad that you did!



Help Support Cancer Patients

& Their Loved Ones

Help change lives one sail at a time. Your donation offers the gift of time away from the everyday challenges of cancer and gives time with loved ones out in the healing elements of water, water, and sail.

We welcome any and all donations.

Sail Beyond Cancer is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Donate Anchor

Offer a Gift of a Sail to
a Cancer Patient in Need

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