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SAIL BEYOND CANCER VERMONT is our Chapter in Burlington, Vermont.

 In early 2020, a with the help of a large number of dedicated volunteers in our community, we opened up our Vermont Chapter of Sail Beyond Cancer. Our name “Sail Beyond Cancer” describes clearly and immediately what it is that we do.


We are thrilled to share with you that our free 3-hour sailing excursions are in full swing and invite you to ‘come aboard’ to help all those in our community who are being challenged by cancer by:


Honoring those who are challenged by cancer 

through harnessing 

the healing powers of wind, water and sail


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This season, in collaboration with Camp Ta-Kum-Ta, Sail Beyond Cancer VT offers free three hours sails on Lake Champlain to all campers and their families, so that the entire family may experience the healing powers of wind, water and sail - to cast off and leave the effects cancer behind for a day.


On 37 to 43 foot sailboats, led by competent and experienced captain and crew, who share an understanding of what cancer may mean to a family, there is nothing more to do than turn off cell phones, forget about time, and enjoy Lake Champlain. Each person is afforded the opportunity to take the helm, experience nature - and breathe a little more deeply. Bring snacks, bring bathing suits - schedule a sail for a morning, afternoon or sunset, and see what the day brings! 


To schedule a sail please click the button below:

“It was a truly wonderful experience for my daughters and I to sail with Sail Beyond Cancer. These pictures are so sweet and really capture what it was like: both relaxing and adventurous at the same time. Thank you so much for partnering with Camp Ta-Kum-Ta to give campers and their families this unique opportunity.”

~ Liz K. July 2021


"This was amazing! Great weather and nice people! Thank you so much!"

~Eleanor B. Aug. 2021

Mailing Address
PO Box 4068
Burlington, VT