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One Sail At a Time


All of us from Sail Beyond Cancer Annapolis are excited to announce that we will be opening up our own Sail Beyond Cancer Chapter right here in Annapolis, Maryland this Spring 2022!


With the help of a large number of volunteers, a newly donated vessel, and specifically, a founding Board of Directors, we are well on our way to creating a sustaining nonprofit Chapter to provide special 3-hour private sailing excursions for those being challenged by cancer.


Our mission: Honoring those who are challenged by cancer through harnessing the healing powers of wind, water and sail. This is put into action  by providing meaningful experiences of relief from the challenges of living with cancer for nominated patients and their loved ones.


We focus on providing private, individual sailing excursions, creating opportunities to rebuild courage and make lasting memories, while leaving a positive imprint on society. Anyone in treatment for cancer, any type of cancer, no matter where they reside, or what age, they are eligible to come sailing with us.


Together, with you, we look forward to providing this special service in Annapolis addressing needs of cancer patients not often spoken of: quality of life, social support, psychosocial support, and stress-reduction.


As we wait to receive our 501c3 nonprofit status, our parent company, Sail Beyond Cancer, Inc.

(EIN 84-2396323) is the fiscal agent of Sail Beyond Cancer Annapolis.

SBC final w_wh outline Annapolis MD.png

Sail Beyond Cancer

Office/Mailing Address
 PO Box 109
1011 Bay Ridge Ave.
Annapolis, MD