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Brian G.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Great testimonial letter coming soon! Thank you soooooooo much! Wow!


Thank you, thank you, and thank you....
I will definitely share the wonderful experience I had  and spread the word
about the amazing work you all are doing.
Again, with much gratitude,


What a beautiful sail! It was a great stress reliever for me, and our family. Thank you!


The captain and crew provided a welcoming and relaxing afternoon for me and my family members. Thanks to the wonderful and caring volunteers for making us feel special, and providing a respite from our worries.


Sue B.

Thank you for all you do to support those living with cancer. What a gift!


Brenda A.

A wonderful journey with family & friends. A day without cancer! Thank you’re the best...Many smooth sails ahead.


Laurel H.

Sweet memories. Saying yes to life with friends. Going to where the wind took us. Thank you Suzanne & Chris.


Linda B.

This evening was heaven on earth! So peaceful with the waves lapping against the boat. I just loved it. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Phil B.

This was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! A perfect part of the total 'healing Journey.’

Thank you!


Gratitude, grace, a jump in the water after not being able to swim for 7 years! Life goes on for me,

thank you so much!

Mark G.

With deepest gratitude and love, A very special day for my heart and soul

Jenn N.

Thank you so much for the sail last night. It was truly incredible. The weather was amazing. Jonathan and captain Matt were incredible. We made some amazing memories last nightand I am so grateful. 
Thank you so much!


Randi S.

On a beautiful Sunday evening in September I was able to Sail Beyond Cancer with my family by my side.  Susanne, the captain and the photographer were warm and welcoming.  The solitude of the lake along with a few quiet hours to heal as a family after a cancer diagnosis was a priceless gift I feel blessed to have received.


Kim B.

It was so nice to get outside and on the water with some of my friends and family who have been so present for me during this difficult year. It was exciting to be able to treat them to something different and gave us a wonderful chance to reminisce and connect over a fun, carefree experience, away from the burdens of cancer and covid19. Thank you and your volunteers so much for what you're doing with the Sail Beyond Cancer program!


Julia H.

Thank you so much for taking us out for the day. It has been an amazing respite from the daily slog of cancer. I didn’t know how much I needed this. Thank you for helping us and so many other families.


Roxanne R.

This was an amazing evening! What a beautiful night-- perfect weather, company, captain & crew! We have all enjoyed ourselves so much and I know Vince had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for your generosity and passion for this cause-- this respite. We certainly sailed beyond cancer tonight.


Abe H.

Thank you so much for this experience. Cancer is at turns boring then excruciating. This sail made me feel alive. All  of you have been so wonderful and I am grateful to have met you on this journey back to health!


Denny & Mary B.

So much fun. Beautiful evening. Wonderful company. Suzanne & Chris made this an evening that will always be remembered. Thank you very much


Joanne C.

What and amazing experience. Bubba, Ted, you two are incredible captains and made this the best night ever for the 4 of us. Thank you hardly says how we feel. Kevin, Karen, Jeff, and I had so much fun. We experienced wind, rain, and then complete calm. WOW. What a night; one we will remember & treasure. Thank you, thank you, Thank You!


Julie E.

Our dear friend Jodi got in touch with Sail Beyond Cancer to give my family a sail with them. 

We had an extraordinary September day and a truly magical experience. 

The crew were delightful, great to hang out and talk with and gave us the exact sail we wanted. With good winds we were able to really move along.

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