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We now need your help 

Welcome TRANQUILITY, a Catalina 42' sailboat - our Dedicated, Sailing Vessel of Our Own!

After years of relying on the use of volunteer captain’s vessels for our sails, we understood that in order to best serve the community the organization needed a dedicated vessel to meet our specific needs.


In May 2023, TRANQUILITY was brought up to Burlington to begin her service for Sail Beyond Cancer Vermont and in her 1st season, she provided 93 mission sails and brought 465 passengers out on the Lake and away from cancer!

Why do we say that
We now need your help?

Because, although TRANQUILITY is now in service, we have a bank loan that we would like to pay off!

PLEASE help us by contributing to our Tranquility Campaign as every single dollar counts!


Your gift will be able to:

  •  Provide Time All Together

  •  Serve More Patients and Caregivers

  •  Encourage Community Involvement



Sponsor a sail for 6 passengers: $500.00.

Sponsor 1/2 a sail:                       $250.00

Sponsor one passenger:              $100.00

Friends of Tranquility                    $50.00

Thank You!

Connecting Vermont
One Sail at a Time

Our new 42’ Catalina will provide:

  1. More capacity with a wide beam of 13’ 10”

  2. A larger cockpit, with a large helm

  3. Two additional stern seats on the aft pulpit for guests and crew

  4. A larger vessel with additional crewing opportunities for volunteers to serve those in our community with cancer.

  5. Greater visibility for the organization that will attract more nominees and volunteers.

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