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Announcing the launch of our NEW Cancer Caregiver Respite Sailing Program 2021!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

We are proud to announce the launch of our exciting new program for caregivers who are caring for cancer patients as well as caregivers who have lost someone to cancer.

As the number of individuals who face the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis grows, Sail Beyond Cancer has come to acknowledge the integral role that caregivers hold as they support and honor those living with cancer. We are committed to offering respite sails to these deserving caregivers who can benefit greatly by processing their relationship with the cancer journey, under sail. These individuals may also have the opportunity to share their experiences with other caregivers on a similar journey. It is through this engagement that Sail Beyond Cancer intends to expand its impact within our communities by broadening access to our free sails to caregivers who are accompanying those living with cancer.

We will be offering four standing sails every week throughout the summer devoted to caregivers of cancer patients.

“Thank you so much for taking us out for the day. It has been an amazing respite from the daily slog of cancer. I didn’t know how much I needed this. Thank you for helping us and so many other families.” ~ Julie (caregiver) (7.18.2020)

“Thank you for being such a pivotal part of celebrating my sister’s life.” ~ Sue (9.8.2020)

“This is such a wonderful opportunity for someone whose world has been turned upside down to take a breath, relax and have fun with loved ones. We had a great time! Thank you so much!” ~ Linda L (2020)

At Sail Beyond Cancer, we witness the strength and resilience that the respite sails foster for those who are facing a diagnosis with cancer as well as their caregivers. The often life changing experience that Sail Beyond Cancer provides, continues to affirm the importance of providing respite to our community that is journeying with cancer.

NOMINATE someone with cancer OR to NOMINATE a Caregiver caring for someone with cancer go to:

About Sail Beyond Cancer

Sail Beyond Cancer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2020 whose mission is honoring those being challenged by cancer by harnessing the healing powers of wind, water and sail. The Vermont chapter operates out of Burlington and serves the State of Vermont and beyond by providing free 3-hour private sailing excursions lead by 18 experienced Captains and countless crew and volunteers.

Sail Beyond Cancer VT has been featured in Best of Burlington magazine (Spring 2021), “On The Waterfront” CCTV, Shelburne/ South Burlington Living magazine and is endorsed by international CNN Sailing commentator Gary Jobson.


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