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On the Waterfront with Melinda- CCTV Channel 17 Interview

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

What an HONOR this was to be able to share with Melinda on CCTV our mission, vision and what truly makes Sail Beyond Cancer Vermont (and Sail Beyond Cancer North Shore, MA WORK!

Last month we had the honor of being interviewed by Melinda Moulton on CCTV and on her program "On The Waterfront".

"For eighteen years Melinda has and continues to host CCTV’s Channel 17 Live @ 5:25 p.m. TV Show entitled “On the Waterfront with Melinda” where monthly, Melinda interviews people in Vermont who are serving their community through extraordinary vision, commitment, and hard work to make our state a better place to live."

Thank you, Thank you Melinda and all who believe in the value of 'giving back' to all those who are being challenged by cancer in our communities.


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