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Sail Beyond Cancer Featured on OncoLink:

Get to Know: Sail Beyond Cancer

Posted on April 30th, 2024 By Fern Nibauer-Cohen

Suzanne Johnson was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. An active single mother of three young children, Suzanne was used to multitasking as she was a serial entrepreneur and was well known in her community of Burlington, VT as a realtor, restauranter and aerobics instructor. During her eight years of treatment, she went through some major moments of transformation.  Looking back on that time, Johnson vividly recalls the feeling of not being recognizable as she was running her usual errands in the neighborhood. “I would say hello to people, and they would just give me a blank stare because I was bald and did not look the way I used to before treatment,” said Johnson. It was at that time that Johnson decided she wanted to re-integrate into the world differently. In a more meaningful way. “I became very aware during this time about the core of my identity and that my deepest desire and life’s work is to help people and create community.” 

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