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The Easiest Gift to GIVE

When learning of a friend or loved one’s cancer diagnosis, there is often a feeling of helplessness.

On so many levels, the experience is disempowering.

As a loving bystander, the heart’s desire to help, love and support is often at odds with actual opportunities to make a difference in the life of someone challenged by the disease.

Twelve years ago, Suzanne Johnson, an avid sailor, faced stage 2 breast cancer.

During her chemo, simply walking to the mailbox was a challenge.

However, during this time, she also discovered that the most peaceful and powerful moments for her were when friends invited her on their sailboat.

Suzanne founded Sail Beyond Cancer, whose mission is to honor those challenged by cancer, by harnessing the healing powers of wind, water and sail.

The organization provides FREE three-hour sails with cancer patients and their caregivers and loved ones to step away from stressors, medical, social, psychological and spiritual.

“Nominees” are invited to be in nature, on the water with family and friends - to hold the wheel of a sizable sailboat as it moves through the water.

The experience creates opportunities to breathe more fully, to laugh more freely, to create rich memories - and to develop a quality of perspective and resilience less likely to be found on land in one’s day to day experience.

This is a gift that requires no more of you than to go the Sail Beyond Cancer website and nominate someone you know.

Anyone in treatment for cancer, any type of cancer, no matter where they reside, or what age are eligible. You may sign your name - or nominate anonymously. If you are facing cancer, you may even nominate yourself.

Seeking to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of those who are undergoing treatment for cancer?

Here is an opportunity for your heart’s wish to become reality.

“Sail Beyond Cancer, is not just some words but a true description of the wonderful transition of the mind and soul that occurs during a soothing sail on Lake Champlain. It was the perfect venue to once again be together as a family. Many many thanks to Sail Beyond Cancer and all the volunteers that make this wonderful program possible.”

~Tom R. - Nominee

“I am thankful to the volunteers and staff running this organization, for bringing us a peaceful sail and an evening to remember. This special experience will not be forgotten and this organization should be proud of the experiences you are offering to families’ lives who have been changed by cancer. Thank You!”

~Carey & Chris R.

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