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Why Sail Beyond Cancer is the Perfect Gift for a Cancer Patient

When someone you know is being challenged by cancer, you want to support them. You may brainstorm ways to help them, hoping to show your love through kind acts of service or a thoughtful present.

However, it can be difficult finding a gift they can truly enjoy.

Nominating someone for a three-hour private sailing excursion with Sail Beyond Cancer is an ideal gift for cancer patients, giving them a chance to enjoy a day with loved ones and a much-needed reprieve from the burdens cancer brings.

Why Sail Beyond Cancer is the perfect gift for a cancer patient

These private sailing excursions ARE gifts! Sail Beyond Cancer provides meaningful relief from the challenges of living with cancer for cancer patients and their loved ones. Our private sailing excursions create opportunities to rebuild courage, make lasting memories, and spend time with valued caregivers, family, and friends.

We give the nominee an opportunity to spend time away from the anxiety of a cancer diagnosis or treatment, and to create valuable memories with the people they love most. While sailing with us, they leave their problems at the shore and harness the healing powers of wind, water and sail.

What are the benefits of nominating someone for a sail? A private sailing excursion is the gift of time with loved ones. Sailing is an experience that they can enjoy with others, making lifetime memories powered by wind, water, and sail.

Additionally, each three-hour sail offers a gift that goes both ways. The nominee receives the gift of sailing and enjoying time away from the challenges and stresses of cancer. And the sail itself becomes an opportunity for the cancer patient to give back to chosen family, friends, and caregivers, as a way to say thank you for their support through this journey.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone living with cancer or in treatment for cancer is eligible for a private sail with Sail Beyond Cancer. Nominees can live anywhere, and be any age. Nominations can be anonymous, and you can even nominate yourself!

Wherever a cancer patient’s prognosis falls on the continuum of health and disease, the diagnosis of cancer and the treatments that follow bring with them commonly occurring experiences for the patient: stress, anxiety, depression, and unease. We seek to improve the quality of life and provide psychosocial support for this population.

Though we are often asked if we will bring people who are in remission from cancer, our first priority is to serve those who are actively living with cancer—to give them a break on the water, away from the stress that diagnosis and treatment brings.

How does the nomination process work?

Immediately after we receive the nomination form, we reach out to the nominee (the cancer patient) directly to explain how our program works, what they can expect and what the next steps are.

As “nominator,” you don’t need to worry about explaining how the process works, or even ask them if they’d like to go sailing. Once you submit your nomination we take care of all the details, and help them shape the trip to their preferences, including finding a time that works for their treatment schedule and also for the loved ones they wish to bring.

With 18 experienced Captains and countless crew and volunteers, we offer up to three sailings per day, seven days a week—making it easy to find a time that works for everyone.

Nominate someone you care about today

Do you know someone being challenged by cancer who would love the gift of sailing?


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